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You will learn a methodology Kaihan Krippendorff
 uses with 
Microsoft, DaimlerChrysler, Pfizer
 Fidelity Investments
and others to outthink the competition.




nächste Kurse März 2008
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Objectives Day 2
with Kaihan Krippendorff
  • become a more creative strategic thinker
  • learn and be able to use at least 10 stratagems
  • understand the overall process and continue to apply it
  • take home at least one promising strategy for achieving an important business objective
  • the steps can be seen here

programm day 2 .pdf (neues Fenster)

The needs of the participants governs the schedule but the achievement of the aim of the course is guaranteed

8:00 Breakfast at Ramersberg

  • Welcome back and Owerview of day and objectives
  • Aspire (Anstreben)
    discussing and (sharing) aspirations and full problem statements
  • Orient (Orientieren)
    customizing the "
    challenge definition form" (e.g., sources of resistence) Link 
  • Conceive 1 (Konzipieren)
    use stratagems to begin brainstorming possible solutions to your challenge 45 min
    use more stratagems to continue brainstorming possible solutions to your challenge 60 min
Break in between

12:00 Lunch

  • Conceive 2 (Konzipieren)
    last set of brainstorming using stratagems chosen for each specific challenge statement
  • Consider (Überlegen)
    creating master plan of
    ideas 20 min
    rating ideas on matrix 30 min
    discussing (sharing) the compiled strategies 40 min
  • Choose (Auswählen)
    introduction to the scientific method (McKinsey method) 45 min
    choice of one possible strategy and structuring a hypothesis tree 45 min
    sharing hypothesis trees, analyses required and steps you will take to complete validation 45 min

Break in between


Close (Schluss)

  • course evaluation
  • course certificate
  • bye-bye Drink at the Rami Bar


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